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DNA Special: 'Antibody cocktail' to kill coronavirus?

  • 15:17 - 27/05/2021
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Here's an important piece of news for you. The country has got another medicine against the coronavirus and this is being called an antibody cocktail. The important thing is that the use of this medicine in most cases does not entail the hospitalization of the patient. That is, now you can say that another drug has joined the fleet of Indian hospitals against the coronavirus, which attacks the virus like a missile. So now we will tell you all the things related to this medicine.


This antibody cocktail has been developed by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche. This antibody cocktail has been made by combining casirivimab and imdevimab. Last year when former US President Donald Trump was infected by COVID-19, he was given the same anti-cocktail during treatment.



The company claims that this antibody cocktail works against the spike protein of the coronavirus. The speciality of this medicine is that it works by blocking the entry of viruses into human cells.


This medicine will be made available in India by Cipla. Each dose of 1200 milligrams contains 600 milligram casirivimab and 600 milligram imdevimab. The price per dose will be Rs 59,750 in India. That is, about Rs 60,000 have to be spent for one dose. The maximum cost for a packet of two doses would be Rs 1,19,500. According to the company, one packet is sufficient to treat two COVID-19 patients.


However, many large organisations have called for a reduction in the price of this medicine.


This antibody cocktail can be used to treat patients 12 years of age or older who weigh at least 40 kg. However, if the patient has an oxygen-related problem, then this antibody cocktail will not be used.


The first batch of this medicine has become available in India and its second shipment will arrive by June 15. By June, one lakh of its packets will be available in India, which will cure 2 lakh COVID-19 patients.


Doctors believe that 70 percent of the patients will not need to be hospitalized with its use. Apart from this, it is claimed that with its help the death rate can be reduced by up to 80 per cent. Its Efficacy Rate is 70 per cent.


Efficacy Rate means how many people this drug has affected during the trial. According to this, the medicine worked on 70 out of 100 patients. However the Efficacy Rate is based on the outcome of the trial, so it cannot be considered final. For this, we have to wait for the success rate, which will be known only when it is used on corona patients.

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